I have to tell you that I think your racks are brilliant. What a great idea for making a modular, expandable, sturdy tank rack. Clearly superior to other solutions on the market...
Now that's what I call Customer Service!...
O.K., Customer Service has just gone to Amazing!
- Customer in California

If you have any questions at all before, or after, purchasing one of our Scuba Tank Racks, send us an email and we will be happy to answer them.

Assembly Instructions

Make sure you have all the parts for your Scuba Tank Rack. This includes 2 tank holder panels, 3 cross beams and 6 bolts that require a 3/16 allen wrench.

Line up the 3 cross beams on a flat surface with the holes on the tank holder panels.

Push the cross beams into the tank holder panels one side at a time then put the other tank panel on the beams.

Flip the tank rack on its end and put in 3 screws and tighten with the allen wrench. Flip over, and repeat on the other side.

Your Scuba tank Rack is ready for years of use on, and off, the water.