The Scuba Tank Rack Version 3 is Available NOW!
New design, new material, lower price, cheaper shipping and easier to assemble!

The Scuba Tank Rack is the most versatile scuba tank storage system available today. Our rack system can be used for safely storing or transporting your tanks by preventing dangerous rolling and possible impact. Our scuba tank holders are modular (V3 stack kits coming soon), which allows expansion to hold hundreds of tanks, or just two. Our scuba tank racks are made of lightweight, weatherproof and break resistant material. These scuba tank holders don't just hold your scuba tanks; they are also easy to use and look good.

We have shipped all over the USA and countries like Switzerland and Brunei.


The Scuba Tank Rack V3 – Double


Our Double scuba tank rack system holds 2 tanks. The double rack is designed to fit into the back of any vehicle, even the smallest compact cars. For easy access to your tanks, the rack can slide out of truck beds and trunks. These scuba tank holders can also be easily moved or set up in your home, garage or dive shop to store your scuba tanks when not in use.

Measurements when assembled: 20.5" x 16" x 6.5"

Shipping: $22

Price: $125