Due to technical problems we are not able to manufacture any of our products. If you are interested in our products please browse the website and contact us with what you are interested in purchasing. We will contact you as soon as production resumes.

Scuba Tank Rack - Standard Double

Standard Double

Scuba Tank Rack - Standard Triple

Standard Triple

Scuba Tank Rack - Standard Double 8

Standard Double 8"

Scuba Tank Rack - Standard Triple 8

Standard Triple 8"

Scuba Tank Rack - Standard Triple 8

The Scuba Tank Box

Scuba Tank Rack - Hangers


Scuba Tank Rack - Hooks


Scuba Tank Rack - Hangers LA

Hangers LA

Scuba Tank Rack - Hooks LA

Hooks LA

Scuba Tank Rack - Tie Downs

Tie Downs

Build a Standard System Now!

We have a new design... and a lower price!

The Scuba Tank Rack is the most versatile scuba tank storage system available today. Our rack system can be used for safely storing or transporting your tanks by preventing dangerous rolling and possible impact. Our scuba tank holders are modular, which allows expansion to hold hundreds of tanks, or just two.

Our scuba tank racks are made of lightweight, weatherproof and break resistant material. These scuba tank holders don't just hold your scuba tanks; they are also easy to use and look good. Please take a moment to view our video to find out more about the revolutionary Scuba Tank Rack system.

We have shipped all over the USA and countries like Switzerland and Brunei.


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